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Mission Statement

Our core function is centered around delivering the best outcomes for all parties.

About us

Our team is passionate about delivering clear, detailed, and evidence-based analysis to inform decisions that improve outcomes. With over 15 years of experience, our company maintains a reputation for delivering quality reports to help you settle your claim with exceptional customer service.

We serve as the physicians back-office for medical-legal work. Being a physician-owned company, we understand the time-consuming processes involved with preparing and administering IMEs, so we take care of all the back-office billing and scheduling requirements for our clients while providing quality assurance on 100% of files prior to delivery.

At Merit, we believe a high-quality exam serves everyone’s best interests.   

Merit’s Medical Approach to the Workers’ Compensation Patient

Throughout life people experience events that lead to injury, pain and dysfunction. Medical and surgical assessments often focus on the anatomy of the patient, missing the physiological and social factors that make up the “man in this world”.

Merit’s approach to the patient is different, bringing medical experts and a platform of biopsychosocial evaluation tools together to fully evaluate, inform decisions and improve results. A Merit IME provides value throughout the spectrum of a case, but early intervention is paramount to a more successful outcome for all parties.

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