Merit Medical Evaluations

Company Background

  • Merit Medical Evaluations has provided Independent Medical Exam and Peer Reviews services for over 14 years. 
  • We are a specialized company that serves as a physician’s “back office” for medico-legal work. 
  • We aim to provide the best possible organization of medical records with a clear understanding of the specific questions that need to be addressed. 
  • Being a physician-owned company, we understand the time-consuming processes involved with preparing and administering IMEs, so we take care of all the back-office billing and scheduling requirements for our clients while providing quality assurance on 100% of files prior to delivery.
  • At Merit, we believe a high-quality exam serves everyone’s best interests.

Merit Medical Approach to the Workers’ Compensation Patient

The problem:

  • Throughout life, people experience events that can lead to injury, pain, and dysfunction. 
  • Medical and surgical assessments often focus on anatomical structures as the source of pain and that approach can lead to the overuse of invasive surgical and interventional procedures.
  • Often, dysfunction is the result of the confluence of medical, psychological and social factors that were not fully assessed or addressed. 
  • The failure to recognize and address the important medical, psychological and social factors that impact outcomes results in complications that elevate the risk of poor outcomes and long-term disability.

The solution:

  • Merit evaluates the “man in his world”, including medical, psychological and social factors in order to improve the safety and effectiveness of care and to promote outcomes that preserve long-term capability.
  • “A physician is obligated to consider more than a diseased organ, more than the whole man – he must view the man in his world.” Harvey Cushing, MD

The method:

  • Merit brings medical experts and a platform of medical, psychological and social evaluation tools together to fully evaluate, inform decisions and improve results.
  • Merit Predictive Modeling can assist in identifying the high at-risk factors that indicate the potential for poor outcomes.
  • Early assessments offer an important opportunity for early intervention and improved outcomes.

Client testimonial:

"To better serve the needs of our healthcare patients in today's rapidly changing and fast paced world, the utilization of telehealth services has become an essential technology that bridges the access gap between reputable health care providers and the consumers that need their expertise.

We have been fortunate to partner with Merit Medical Physicians from across the U.S. to conduct IME's and PIR's for the residents living in our western Nebraska panhandle region by offering these high-quality exams locally through the use of telehealth technologies. This has drastically reduced the financial and time associated burdens for consumers to access these reputable Merit Medical experts. 

Our rehab therapists who work directly with the Merit Medical Physicians have found this means of providing patient care very rewarding and satisfying. This unique blend of interdisciplinary professionals teaming together to conduct these exams, in my opinion, has afforded the patient access to an examination process that is thorough, detailed and of the highest quality. We are proud to work hand in hand with the entire Merit Medical team and have found this relationship to be a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience."

Jason Thyne PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Director of Rehabilitation, Regional West Health Services

"I really enjoyed the open format, the diagrams, and the mechanism of injury discussion."

"The visuals were excellent and were very helpful when discussing anatomy and physiology."

"Excellent for workers' compensation claim handlers and defense attorneys."

Merit Office Hours Testimonial