Impact of the Merit IME


  • Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations
  • Quality of care
  • Outcomes


  • Over-medicalization (over-diagnosis and over-treatment)
  • Iatrogenic consequences
  • Disability
Doctor and Patient

Merit IME History Captures

  • Past medical records 
  • The Complete Timeline and Trends
  • Pain 
  • Psycho/Social History
  • Employment history
  • Job requirements 
  • Job satisfaction
  • RTW expectations
  • Co-morbidities 
  • Injury mechanism

Merit IME History Impact

Better knowledge makes better solutions.

Patient Exam

Merit IME Physical Exam

  • Comprehensive
  • Non-organic findings
  • Evaluates Consistency
  • Assesses Function

Merit IME Physical Exam Impact

A better exam leads to a better diagnosis.

Doctor Examining X-Ray

Merit IME Imaging

  • Detailed, specialty-specific review
  • Review previous images
  • Identify pre-existing conditions, trends
  • Abnormal findings on imaging is common
  • Differentiate degenerative vs traumatic

Merit IME Imaging Impact

Better imaging review improves diagnostic accuracy.

Diagnosis Example

Merit IME Diagnosis

  • Correct diagnosis is critical to determining optimal treatment
  • Specific
  • Objective
  • Based on complete and detailed history and diagnostic information
  • Includes Bio-psycho-social factors that affect outcomes

Merit IME Diagnosis Impact

A more accurate diagnosis informs a better treatment approach.

Construction Worker

Merit IME Treatment Recommendations

  • Benefit from the detailed History/Records Review, Exam, Imaging
  • Bio-psycho-social model
  • Evidence-based literature review
  • Experience
  • Worker’s injury mechanisms, diagnostic, treatment, outcome
  • Risk vs benefit analysis
  • Focused on Outcomes
  • Advocacy

Merit IME Treatment Impact

A better treatment approach improves Safety and Outcomes
Avoid needless procedures
Decreases complications


Client testimonial:

"To better serve the needs of our healthcare patients in today's rapidly changing and fast paced world, the utilization of telehealth services has become an essential technology that bridges the access gap between reputable health care providers and the consumers that need their expertise.

We have been fortunate to partner with Merit Medical Physicians from across the U.S. to conduct IME's and PIR's for the residents living in our western Nebraska panhandle region by offering these high-quality exams locally through the use of telehealth technologies. This has drastically reduced the financial and time associated burdens for consumers to access these reputable Merit Medical experts. 

Our rehab therapists who work directly with the Merit Medical Physicians have found this means of providing patient care very rewarding and satisfying. This unique blend of interdisciplinary professionals teaming together to conduct these exams, in my opinion, has afforded the patient access to an examination process that is thorough, detailed and of the highest quality. We are proud to work hand in hand with the entire Merit Medical team and have found this relationship to be a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience."

Jason Thyne PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Director of Rehabilitation, Regional West Health Services

"I really enjoyed the open format, the diagrams, and the mechanism of injury discussion."

"The visuals were excellent and were very helpful when discussing anatomy and physiology."

"Excellent for workers' compensation claim handlers and defense attorneys."

Merit Office Hours Testimonial