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Telemedicine IME

It’s no secret that we face a shortage of clinician providers. Consumers in today’s technology-saturated environment are used to convenience and accessing information in seconds. We can bring multiple specialists to one exam when more than one part of the body is involved. Our Telemedicine platform offers a way to connect providers and patients in rural areas to specialists who live across the state.

Our approach: The Merit Telemedicine IME was created in 2017 with physicians, physical therapists, and software developers. This state-of-the-art platform provides your claim with a specialty physician from our provider network specific to the claimant’s injury, as well as a second licensed, skilled clinician in the room facilitating the physical portion of the exam.  In some cases, two specialty providers can address multiple injuries/extremities in the same visit.

The Telemedicine platform also offers the capability for impairment ratings with one of our licensed physicians located anywhere. These ratings establish the impairment (permanent vs. temporary) and level of disability (partial vs. total).

See the information below to learn more about the benefits of a telemedicine exam from Merit.

Want more information on what a telemedicine exam from Merit can offer?

Want more information on what a telemedicine exam from Merit can offer?

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